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Blind Bigot

Sooooooo pleased...........................

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........ to see Fleet putting some useful results together and avoiding dropping into the relegation zone dog fight. With ten points clear of a relegation place surely the lads are safe.


As in most leagues it looks like consistancy is the name of the game. On their day it seems Fleet can match anybody but being successful is all about grinding out results.


One or two of you have heard that I've been ill in the past month so thanks for the support. I'm back on form now though so watch out!


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NO! Not according to the current rules.


Having said that, it was so bizzare - when Pav Abbot put the ball in the net no one cheered, in fact we all thought he'd be booked for time-wasting.


I've never seen anything quite so odd. He was clearly 10 years off-side and 'tracking back' Suddenly he's presented with the ball from a defenders header. The assistant ref flagged off-side which made the LIncoln defenders and goalie stop playing but crucially, the ref didn't whistle and 'Pav' went on to score - albeit half-heartedly.


On the whole and being totally honest Lincoln deserved at least a point but while I feel very sorry for them in such circumstances, they'd played the off-side trap all game much to our frustration and in a way, it felt like 'poetic justice' for such negative tactics.


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