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The Result Of The Weekend Or What?

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Canvey Island Res (1) 1 St. Albans City Res (0) 2


Scorers - Scott Atkinson, Ben Cogger.


2nd place is now guaranteed. Two reasonably easy home games (on paper) to come will give us 70 pts, leaving Canvey to get 12 pts from 6 games (4 away) in the next 2½ weeks to lift the title. It's not over yet. Well done to Vince, Kevin, Clive and all the lads. What a great season and roll on Tuesday for the Tilbury game.



<img src="/images/graemlins/top.gif" alt="" />

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Thanks Charlie .. indeed a great result and those lucky enough to make it say it was a great game of football to watch.


As you say the race for the title is not and it could be close when you look at the games they have to play, Leyton and Dagenham to name two, but if it finishes that we are runners up I for one will still view this as a tremendous achievement.


I remember a conversation, about half wy through the season with Kev, that went along the lines of " even if we don't win another game all season we will still be seen to have done our job". At the time I found that strange but when you consider that Deacon and Seeby are now both regulars with the first team, Davies and Cogger have been able back up for a long time and Attwood and Jones have been given a go with an eye to the future ( Perfect and Cross were also involved before moving on to Dagenham ) then that can be seen as the role of reserve team football.


To have achieved this aim and still be able to produce performances like Saturdays speaks volumes for all concerned. Congrats to all, lets finish it in style starting tonight.


On that note the support we have received is also greatly appreciated. Most of the time it is the same hard core of "City Supporters" who turn out when possible but a few more just for the last two home games would be most welcome.


See you all tonight <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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