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Capital League style atmosphere tonight? Or are people taking it a bit more seriously??


Personally, the B&B cup final would be nice, but nothing in comparison to making top six. With so much to play for, I'd rather we saved our better players for Saturday to avoid injuries/fatigue.

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Less important than the league but in my mind it is important. The way the team have played since we lost at Worthing has been impressive bar the odd slip up and would be nice for the players as well as the supporters if there was a trophy to mark the achievement of the team. And besides which, given that one of those slip ups came against Bracknell in the league then putting right what went wrong there and secure a final spot is something the players should want to do themselves.


Somewhere between Capital League and Ryman League tonight, though agree, we could do with resting some players. Hodge-s deserves the night off for his efforts on Monday. I quite like the idea of a Matt Miller/Lee Riddell front line for this match - that way we have the star of the capital league playing along side the star of the B&B cup.

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I think it is important to win the Cup. It has been a very long time since Slough have won anything (excluding the President's Cup which did mean everything to us) and having finally dispatched Maidenhead it would be a shame not to take full advantage and get some silverware for the Stag Meadow trophy cabinet.


Having said all that if we do not finish top six I will spend the whole summer moping so I think it is time to alter the team slightly. Hodges definately deserves a rest and perhaps could sit on the bench tonight. But why not give Steer, Miller, Hyatt a run out?

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