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'Aints 2-1 Dockers


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great game of football last night from both sides

fortunate with the first goal in the sense that the ref overruled the lino..but hey

As for their equaliser, fair play to the guy down the wing, goes to show keep battling away and you'll get a just reward

Always felt we deserved to shade it but we did look understandably tired


Still dont understand why a lot of people from this board who moan about the football being played by the first team dont put in an appearance, there loss I guess


well done to one and all

Good Luck Saturday

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After Saturday's great performance at Canvey, it was always going to be difficult to hit the same heights last night and to be fair, Tilbury made it very tough for us. I thought Adam Smith had a tremendous game, involved in just about everything with Ben and Scott also doing the business, when it mattered, yet again. The great thing about the Ressies is that they work so hard for each other and actually play together as a team.


Definitely their loss, JKIF.

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Great support again guys, thanks from us all. Another week when all costs were covered which will go a long way to help secure the future of the side.


A bit of a jaded performance but you always get the feeling that there will be moments when we will take teams apart with the flowing football that has become the hallmark of this team. I thought Tilbury defended extremely well, particularly when we played straight balls down the middle but once we started to get in wide positions there was only going to be one outcome.


Only one league game to go, home v Bowers 24th April, kick off 3.00 pm. Can't see Canvey dropping 7 points in their remaining games so it looks like runners up will have to do. To be second to Canvey who we have beaten once in the cup and once in the league is still a great achievement.


At the start of the season someone would have offered us runners up and the chance of a cup final I think we would have gone for it.


Lets hope we can keep these young lads together, given time they could represent a bright future for the club.


Once again, thanks for your support and the regular praise, everyone connected with the team really appreciate your efforts.



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The Caretaker said Can't see Canvey dropping 7 points in their remaining games


I agree, 7 points does look a lot to drop in 5 games and I would think that Ladbrokes would offer pretty decent odds against it happening. However, apart from their game at Bowers, none of their other 4 games are gimmes, especially those away at Dag & Red and at home to Leyton.


So let's have no more of this defeatist claptrap, TC <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> - as I said once before, it's not over till it's over.


<img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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