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Looks like George Borg............................


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will be a coach at Boston Next Year according to the Daggers forum.


George Borg was quoted as saying:-


"It will be a dream come true for me to work at Football League level with someone I have always admired. Steve is a different class and we always kept in touch during his ban. It will be a pleasure to work with him because he is very good at his job. He reminds me of Barry Fry and he cares about his players and his staff in the same way"


Steve Evans

"I need to bring in another coach and I rate George very highly. He is very knowledgeable and to be honest I can’t believe how a club as professional as Hornchurch didn’t ensure George Borg was their manager next season."


Steve Evans and George on the bench together, whats the betting they both get sent off on the first day of the season <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


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Not really a long term thing then, is it?


Surely if you're going to risk losing your job (one he really enjoyed, apparently) you might as well do so on the understanding where you were heading would be long term. If he was as successful as he says he was (and I'm not doubting him, just don't know facts first hand) then surely the US team/teams would want to keep him there on a more permanent basis - esp as he is so keen to coach them.

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