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Oops we did it again!!

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Not only did we take a 2-1 win away from Sawbo in the league cup leg 1, we won 2-1 away in the league. They found it hard to break us down , although they have got some good players, that 'know nothing' idiot of a manager showed us no respect. I don't mind putting my hands-up when we are beaten ( happened enough), but that idiot makes inane comments , which only riled the Bas boys more. I know there is another game to go , but i am glad we finished their league title, not because of the players but because of him!! See you on the 24th. <img src="/images/graemlins/affig.gif" alt="" />

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NLGOSPEL when you see him next call him a WALRUSE, he tried to hit me last season in the tunnel for calling him that!


the other one he likes is if you tell him you have got his teeth in his pocket and if he asks you nicely you will let him have them back!


i know a couple of their players and they are decent. wes pullen a forward who has just signed is a pain in the a*se to play against.

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He was a good player along with the big 8 . He won everything in the air and the Uhmet who played in midfield. I was surprised Mr KN (KNOW NOTHING) , how could he reach to throw a punch. I bet he called it a knuckle sandwich!! We have already laid on a burger van for the second leg.

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yeah he has a great leap for a small chap. his nickname when he played for us was jipo, ask him how his jack russells are! he his a good bloke actually, he signed for them coz he moved out that way and dont drive.


it was embarrasing it was like slow motion, when he missed he nearly fell over.

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