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Play off position - you must be joking.

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I cannot believe that people are posting to the effect that we have secured a play off position. With a little imagination


slough win all their remaining games.

Worthing beat lewes but lose to Hampton.

all other games won by top 7 teams

all games 2 - 0



lewes... 93 +47

Windsor. 93 +38

SLOUGH.. 92 +43

Hampton. 92 +39

Worthing 91 +42

dulwich. 89 +27

staines. 87 +32




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All if's and buts though Paul. At present, we've secured a 7th place finish minimum.


Football cliche number 129, it's better to have the points on the board than the games in hand.


Also, your results don't take current form into consideration. Windsor to win a game, let alone 2-0 would be an achievement for them at the moment with their recent results.

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I agree thats its speculation, and theres many a slip twix cup and lip. All I am trying to do is be a little positive. There is sooo much doom and gloom from the crowd, and it puts pressure on the team.


Ill put it another way 2 wins and a draw out of 4 games to secure automatic "promotion" (assuming no freak results distorting goal difference)



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I think that is more than accomplishable. Our hardest match is obviously Worthing at home, but with us unbeaten at Stag Meadow in 2004 (23 points from 27), it will be a very interesting and close run in...


Keep positive, keep behind the team and we could always do with a few more voices either starting the singing or at the very least joining in, please?

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Have I gotta come all the way from Ashby de la Zouch, just to join in the singing, and miss any celebrations my wife might have planned for our wedding anniversary, all for the Worthing game??? Okay then, by God I'll do it......

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