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When to Quit !!

Big J R

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A guy goes into the hospital to see his new born son, he goes up to the 1st cot and says to the doctor is that my baby, the doctor says no he goes to the next cot and again asks the doctor is that baby mine the doctor says no.


Finally he goes to the 3rd cot and looks in only to see a head, he says to the doctor is that head my baby the doctor says yes.


It was a bit of a shock only having a head for a baby but the man said he would take it home and bring it up anyway.


Now the head went home and steadily grew into a bigger head and older the father found a nice sport on the window sill for the head so it could see everything outside.


One day the head said to his father I am getting sick of just sitting here every day watching everyone else have fun outside and I can only sit here.


The father said if you pray really hard you might get a body so the head prayed really hard that night and in the morning he could hardly believe it he had a body, legs, arms everything.


He was so excited he jumped down off the window sill ran out the door, up the path, onto the road a big truck came along and splat he was dead.


Anyway do you know the moral to this story ????





Quit while you are a head !! [color:"black"]


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