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Ford United -Vs- Canvey Island

Matt H

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Interesting line-up for today's match


1. Harrison

2. Smith

3. Duffy

4. Theobald

5. McGhee

6. Cowan

7. Dobinson

8. Bennett

9. Berquez

10. Boylan

11. Parmenter


12. Chenery

14. Gooden

15. McDougald

16. Ward

17. Potter

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Full-Time: Ford United 0-3 Canvey Island


Boylan 52' - Canvey's 100th League Goal

Bennett 58'

Parmenter 75'


So we now have 102 goals and 100 points. Good to see Danny Potter get a REAL run-out for the team! <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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Really good afternoon with the team getting back into winning ways and passing two milestones for 100 points and goals for the league season.


Whether it was the weather but it just felt good being out there today with the commitment from the boys. It felt that we had won back that eagerness to battle and Micky Bennett was a great example from the start to set the groove.


We looked solid at the back and the height from Dave and Gavin kept the bouncing ball away from danger. Dave McGhee looked quite small against those two but he kept at it and battled well. When they did break through, that’s the best I’ve seen Ashley play all season, when he has managed to start, and he thwarted 3 goal attempts.


Duffers playing on the more unusual right hand side role this time was a good outlet too and Parms played well. Missed his goal as my son just happened to want to go to the lav at that time.


Couldn’t believe when Danny was standing on the line with an outfield shirt to come on. When he did, he done really well. His passing was very good and what if that 20 yard shot had gone in that was teed up for him.


The injury list appears to be getting better and Jeff and Glen should have a “nice” headache in the coming weeks who they want to select for the final.


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