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Plea to Ilford fans.

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Bloke called Rik posted a message on World Non League asking for help getting into watching local non league football, he comes from Sevenkings, so as you are close to 7Kings railway station, told him to ask you boys. Help you boost your gate. (Saw you last season last game, when Enfield beat you by 7 was it, that was the day they were presented with the ESL title)


I posted the following on that forum.


Ilford play close to Sevenkings, short walk from the railway station.


If you click on forums at the top, then on leagues A-E then click on Essex Senior League, you then go into the Essex Senior League forums.


Your best bet is to put a message for the Ilford fans, they will be best to point you in the right direction. They are doing well near the top if not top of the ESL. You also have Romford fairly local to you, ask BoroMan he'll help you.


Ilford have a nice club house, that overlooks the pitch.


If you want to see higher level local football, you have Dagenham in the conference or Hornchurch / Ford Utd in the Ryman Prem, depends how far out of SevenKings you want to travel.





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Thanks ER....! lol

I will welcome any other fans who want to join ME to support my beloved foxes....!

On a serious note......

Some of our supporters have left the club due to the lact of recognition received by the club.

There was a small group of us who went home and away and it was quite clear they didn't give a s..t !

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AHA found you all <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


Thanks for the plug Mark, didn't even know these guys where hidden here <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />


Does the Ilford team have a website?? I'm finding it remarkably difficult to actually find when and where games are, for instance...I emailed Enfield town asking about shooting their game with Sawbridhworth at Ilford on Monday, they mentioned a game tonight...do you think I can find out any information as to where it is...nope...I can't even find a mention on there site.


Foxy, when you mentioned lack of support, do you mean by the club for the supporters or general recognition of the club in the local area??

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Rikk said:

Does the Ilford team have a website??

There used to be an Ilford website which I set up and maintained but nobody kept it going when I gave up my everyday involvement in the club.

My understanding was that there was to be an Ilford Sports Club website set up with a football section attached but I don't know if this has happened yet.
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Right I've emailed both Enfield then the ESL themselves as I was pointed them by Enfield and they both said it's fine to shoot the match, so weather permitting me and my camera will be there on Monday to see what all this is about <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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