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SEASONS END (nearly)


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and what a season its been.. promotion was considered a must for this season to be a sucsess and its has been achieved in some style.. the holy grail of 100 points and 100 goals reached with 2 games to spare..

in the end it seemed so easy, too easy in fact, but it looked so different on that tuesday evening at bishops stortford..but the usual mid season run kicked in and with results going almost perfectly our way over xmas the title was practically wrapped up with 10 odd games to go .. we have won this league playing for the most part good ttacking football in true canvey fashion but the new found meaness in defence is what has seen us nick wins when playing badly and thats what wins the top teams in any league titles, plus a bit of luck here n there ..

as for the rest of the league. well the urchins and grays look well placed for the conf south next season, hendon and thurock should do ok but sutton could cause the essex rich clubs some problems plus of course however is good coming over from the 'airsole' league ...

at the other end the iron go along with riccay who lost to grays this weekend (so thats either a tough luck riccay like to see local rivals in the same league where poss or a hahaha fk off scummers depending on your outlook on local rivalries)..

with kettering and the urchins still to come this week we then have the rather strange situation of a trophy final again , no one likes to see that do they? mind you its so long after the end of our season how will the players stay sharp? hednesford may still be in the playoffs for regional conf survival (which no doubt they see as more important than the trophy) which may give them an edge, or tire em out...

so 2 games to look forward to, hopefully with players fighting for places in the final we will see some canvey magic and plenty of goals

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I was quite surprised the way we competed last Saturday with the tackles going in. Saying that, you come off worse sometimes if you don't go in. There was definitely a competitive edge to our game.


I enjoyed the manner in which we won. You felt that we had gone back the time before the Billericay game.


That three week gap may be a problem. It will give those with injuries a chance to be fit but will the team be in the right frame of mind.


Appearing on national TV, I could not bear a performance like we had in the Bryco cup final last year. That attitude was totally wrong.


I enjoyed seeing Micky Bennett in there getting the tackles in early and that sort of set the groove for the rest of our team. I just wonder if he might be included for the final as his attitude is spot on right now.


It could be that Jekyl and Hyde Hednesford (don't know what team will turn up) may have some bruisers in there to ruffle the other teams and Micky might be a good one to counter that.


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