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Buying players in the ESL (Ronnie Watson)


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Clubs buying players seem to go against what the ESL is about. I reguarly attent Ilford home games and although the purchase of Ronnie Watson looks like a good deal on the playing side recent weeks have show his attitude to be awful. From the stands it appears he is always moaning at players which must cause friction in the team. Unfortunately it appears it has all gone to his head. Wake up boy start enjoying yor fotball after all you are only playing in the ESL!!!

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I agree Simon....

His attitude has been awful....

Although Ronnie is a good player he constantly berates and slags off his own team mates.

I honestly believe that bringing him to the club was a mistake. We didn't need him.

I think we was something like 6 points clear at the time and that soon vanished.

Tino Asprilla and Newcastle spring to mind...!


I understand that he is not very popular with the players....

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Ronnie is the bull locks he is an international player who brings flair to the ilford side. So what if he moans alot but this is only because he wants to get the ball down a play football and mug the defenders he is playing agaisnt off.

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