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When the much heralded appointment of the new "Chief" Executive was announced he made a big thing of saying that we would have frequent forums where supporters could meet with club officials and on occasion the manager to have a discussion about the Club and what was happening.

These appear to have fallen somewhat by the wayside.

Are anymore of these planned?

Also could someone from the Club perhaps detail what the Chief Executive's remit is currently because with the new appointments happening in the Club such as the new advertising man he appears somewhat redundant.

Fair enough he wanders about speaking to fans on match days but so does Hooky and I doubt he is getting paid.

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It is a pity these Forums didn't evolve as I really felt that when Brian took over at the club there was a degree of openness not enjoyed for a while previously. Unfortunately I feel we have gone back to how it used to be - I don't think this is due to Brian as it is probably up to others to arrange Forums etc. Until supporters can say things openly and know they are being heard there will always be speculation about what is going on.

One thing we can be sure of is that Andy Ford will certainly put maximum effort into being full time and just hope he gets the support he deserves.

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