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Great Day


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What a great day from the match to the riverboat to Liquid after, everything was absolutely brilliant. Thank you to Eddie and the lads for a great season and hopefully most of them can stay together and come back next year.


Two highlights of the day


Matt Miller discovering his true position - a fan!!!!!


Eddie Denton, and I quote loosely, saying in his speech 'we have missed players such as Nick Gyoury and Ryan Spencer since Christmas, and these are players of Conference quality! So true!!!!!

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Thanks to Roy Merryweather for sticking to his guns and getting the boat booked and Alan harding in getting numbers to make it an end of season to remember.......


Us old gits...went onto Browns for an extra drink ...and then to the indian for a nice meal...


Thanks for the (we hate sliski chant's) it keeps me going....


To many to say thank you too....but guess what you all deserve a thanks, PROUD TO BE A REBEL !!!!


and what a Team from Top to the Bottom...


Have a great rest...but be back !!!! everyone .... Please....


Cheers Up the Rebels.....

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I was a bit dubious about the riverboat shuffle, but in the end really enjoyed it - although while you lot were having fun clubbing i was asleep on a poxy train - still....with days and nights like Saturdays it makes the journeys worthwhile. I can't wait for next season.


Brighton Rebel

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