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Belated congratulations to Andy and the squad on a storming finish to the season.

Dark clouds were gathering a few short months ago, but the boss was proved right in his judgement and all credit to everyone involved.

I work with a Hereford fan here in HK, so you can imagine how he feels today!

There's also a Northwich fan playing drums in a local band I know - and he's pretty down too - so if any Conference fan in HK has something to smile about it's me!

The landlord of a local pub supports Yeovil, so you can imagine what he's been like . . . and that's what we have to strive for.

Although our season's over, there's still one big local game to look forward to . . .

On Sunday May 9, Old Gravesendians RFC are playing Old Elthamians in the final of the Kent Vase at Gravesend (Rectory Field, Milton Road, KO 2pm).

It might not be the 'round ball' game, but I know many OGRFC 'egg-throwers' are passionate Fleet fans, so why not give them a bit of support this weekend?

Being 6,000 miles away [and a VP of both clubs], I sometimes have a sad life punching the air all alone late at night (HK time is seven hours ahead of you guys), when I discover the good news of games won on the Fleet and OGRFC websites, and both clubs have something to celebrate this season.

Good wishes to all Fleet and OGRFC fans from the HK Supporters Club!!!


PS Chas: If you see this, you wouldn't believe who I ran into on the famous HK Peak at the weekend - Eddie Hooper!


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