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Poor old froggies

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A bloke on his way home from work comes to a dead halt in Traffic
and thinks to himself, this traffic seems worse than usual. He notices a
officer walking back and forth between the lines of cars so he rolls down
his window. "Officer what's the hold up?"
The officer replies: "It's a French fan, he's just so depressed About
losing to the Danish, being knocked out of the world cup, Finishing behind
England, and the prospect of winning f***k all after gobbing off all
year, he's threatening to douse himself in petrol and set himself on fire.
He says his family hates him, his mates are all laughing at him and
he has never had a bath, I'm walking around taking a collection for him."
"Really?" says the executive "How much have you collected?" "So far,"
replies the policeman, "only half a gallon, but a lot of people are still

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