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Big J R

WHAT THE FU........................

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.................WAS THAT ALL ABOUT ????????????????


Me 'an 'Er Indoors watched the closing ceremony from the Olympics in Athens this evening !!


Blokes on bikes, towing what looked like a 'chav's' scarf behind 'emselfs ? As 'Er Indoors said, ""I wonder who'll get the Gold for Drag Racing ?"


Then a load of fellas dancin' round with chairs. Don't they supply f'cin' chairs in Greek restaurants anymore ?


Then to cap it all, anuver load of fellas, all dressed up in weird clobber, holding hands and dancing round in a bleedin' big circle !


Looked like a girls evening out in a second rate nightclub, without their hand-bags to dance round !!


I ASK YER !!!!!!!!!!


Only decent bit was when the Chinese did their bit in preparation for Beijing in 2008. Now that WAS class entertainment !





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