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just got back from Barnet.

today we simply weren't at the races.

WIERD subs as well brings Jako on then takes him off when i thought he was playing good and the team were good when he came on.

then he takes off Roy, what was going though Ford's head today.


Nice ground, first time been there and was impressed.

got my programme and very good one at it as well. me and my dad about to turn round and look for a pub when a steward said go round the corner and theres a social club great news. very nice inside as well.



2,235 the attendance and surely 500-600 of us, fantastic.

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"Nice ground", I think that's the first time any one has said that about our little stadium shocked.gif smile.gif


Was even stevens up until just before half time. I admire how your fans cheered even more loudly than us lot at the final whistle, and how you give a lot more vocal support than a lot of other supporters we have seen this season.


Good luck this season

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