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Whats happening with the Trust,we are always looking to raise funds to help the club and this takes up most of our time,even on match days members are at work selling golden goals and manning the shop as well as ratteling the pennies on the pitch bottles. Just to let you know, the pennies on the pitch is over £160, and shortly we will be going round the pubs with bottles to see where we currently are. If your local hasnt got a bottle and the landlord is OK with the idea mail me and I will arrange for a bottle to be dropped



Two new fundraisers coming up will be the Xmas Raffle and in the near future a calender with the players pictures will be available.


Also the Co-Op card scheme is to be relaunched at a home match, again it doesnt cost you any money and it just means the Trust get a few pence of Divi each time you shop at the Co-Op,so please take one when we hand them out and register it

at your local Co-Op.


I have added a couple of new advertisers to the opening page at the top of the Trust Web page recently, so while you are there click on the Ad and take a look. One new Ad is Ringtones, you can download tones,wallpapers etc from the site, I am trying to get them to place the GNFC logo on their Footy Downloads section, so wait and see if it appears.


Text Aid is now providing income every other month, and we have currently got 30 people signed up,so if you know of family and friends with a mobile get them to sign up it wont cost them anything and the Trust will benefit for each Text recieved.

That appears to be all the current news

for the moment,just keep checking the Trust web page for further information





I can't wait for the calender what a fantastic idea, well done. thats one present for x-mas.

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