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Greg Pearson


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Agree - would have liked to see him play alongside Lee to see how it would have panned out.


Suppose he felt that he could still do a job at a higher level, or now that we have some of our players returning from injury there was no need to continue with a loan player who, like Braniff, may not have seen their future at the Lane.

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Playing Conference football is sometimes underestimated.


How many players do you see, including some of our own, who are ex league that struggle in this division? whether fitness, speed of the game or they just want the money etc.


Pearson was a little bit of fresh air, but the jury was still out as far as I was concerned. From what I saw Championship football is something he would need to work hard to achieve and stand out in - and to be honest the same applied to Braniff.

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As a Hammers fan I've watched Greg a lot for a few years now, and the truth is he is some way down the pecking order. The young lad they got from Millwall, Moses Ashikodi, is considered a better prospect.


Greg came through the ranks as one of those bruising centre forwards, old for their age (I think you know where I'm coming from), who is now finding that his peers, age wise, are catching up with him.


A smashing lad though and I wish him every sucess.

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