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Tomorrow's team


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Well, with Macca out for 10 days with Bronchitis, and 4 players facing fitness tests ahead of tommorrows game with the shots, what do we think the starting line up will be?


I think:



Proths? McCarthy? Bunce Skins

Jacko Surey Jay Jukebox?

Manny Pinno


Bench: Roy, Moussa?, Wilko, Gledhill, Pop.


All those with ? are those who face late fitness tests.

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NOT NEGATIVE, just a little bit stressed. because:

1) You have accused me of having a "fleetbabe moment" for an honest mistake with the Jacko thing,


2) I have Information and Communication technology coursework (thats ICT) to finish before the end of term, and at one lesson a week, thats not long.



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Yeah, ICT Coursework can be a pain. I only left the Grammar last year, but for each pieces (four in total, I think) they expected us to get 35/40, otherwise we had to stay behind after school until we were up to their standards. This of course resulted in the majority of the year staying behind after school every week and - by the end of the year - absolutely hating ICT.


That was GCSE level, so I can only imagine how tough A-Level must be...

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Oh FleetFanatic is on a crusade by the looks of it here. As for tomorrow's team, which was the start of this thread, it could be a case of who is fit gets a game. According to the reporter yesterday, Andy Ford was hoping to have some new players in, but I have seen nothing on here. Assuming the injuted don't make it, it could be:


Pullen, Gledhill, Bunce, Popovic, Skinner, Jackson, Saunders, Surey, Manny, Essandoh and Pinnock. Subs: Anyone who wants to sit on the bench!!!!

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