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2004 - A review

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For those of you that didn't know I decided to write a diary for the year 2004 for a few reasons, a nice log, so I can remember what I did and so forth, I sat down and worked out the stats so to speak to see exactly what I did with my life last year and here it is:


Stats for 2004 – My Life


Out and About


There were 365 days/nights in the year – I did 74 Nightshifts meaning a potential 291 days to go out. I went out 210 times, so I spent 81 nights in.

Out of these 210 Nights out – 71 of them involves staying out after the last train of these 28 were all-nighters.


I managed to keep a pretty good track of all the bars and pubs I went in (not including football clubhouses/nightclubs and gig venues) and according to my diary I drunk in 209 different licensed venues.


I was pretty good at mentioning people that I’ve drunk with on a certain night and managed to mention 342 different people that I’ve shared a pint with.


I Pulled 14 girls with 4 of them getting the whole Thorns Treatment.


I visited 6 Countries

Czech Republic


Holland 3 Times





I drunk in the following places at least once:



Angel, London


Baker Street, London

Barcalonia, Spain


Bishops Stortford

Bognor Regis




Brixton, London


Camden, London




Clapham, London

Covent Garden, London



Embankment, London

Euston, London

Farringdon, London

Frankfurt, Germany



Hammersmith, London





Highbury, London

Ishmial, Turkey

Kennington, London

Kentish Town, London


Kidsbrook, London

Kings Cross, London

Kings Langley


Leytonstone, London

Lisbon, Portuegal


Madrid, Spain



Market Harborough

Marmaris, Turkey

Milton Keynes

New Cross, London


Newport Pagnall




Paddington, London

Praugue, C Republic


South Mymms

St. Hellier, Jersey

St. Peters Port, Gurnsey


St.Pauls, London


Valladoriod, Spain

Victoria, London

Waterloo, London

West End, London

West Hampstead, London


Whitley Bay

Worms, Germany


I visited the following nighclubs:

Adelaide, St.Albans 7 Times

Batchwood, St.Albans 6 Times

Camden Palace, then Koko, Camden 4 Times

Camden Underworld 6 Times

El Sol, Madrid

Escape, Amsterdam

Fabric Twice

Forum (FROG), Kentish Town

Fridge, Brixton 13 Times

Havana's, St.Hellier

Honey Club, Brighton

Islington Academy (XFM Night) Twice

Mean Fiddler (FROG), London

Paradiso, Amsterdam

Parkway, Oxford

Po Na Na, Hammersmith

Roadhouse, Covent Garden

SE1 Club, London Bridge

Sound, Leicester Square

South, Manchester

The club next to the Cross, Kings Cross

The Cross, Kings Cross

The End, London

The Office, then Roxy, Oxford Street Twice

Turnmills, Farringdon 5 Times

Unnamed, Covent Garden

Unnamed, Newcastle

Unnamed, Whitley Bay


I saw the following bands:

10,000 Reasons

22 20's

80's Matchbox B-line Disaster


Agent Blue

Art Brut 6 Times

Bloc Party

Brandon Block

Bransby 3 Times

Clone Roses

David Devant and his Spirit Wife

Future Kings of Spain

Goldie Lookin Chain

Graham Coxon

Grand Transmission

Jimbob 4 Times

Kaiser Chiefs

Killing Moon

Lady Sovering


Lupe Velez

Maximo Park

Milltown Brothers

Party in The Park


Simon Crawford

Smash Hits Poll Winners Party

Special Needs

The Blueskins

The Buzzcocks

The Departure

The Levellers

The Libertines

The Others Twice

The Pipettes

The Rakes 3 Times

The Research

The Seasons

The Stands

The Streets

The Subways

They Might Be Giants

Tom Hingley

Tommy and Chris Musical Fundraiser

The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party and Party in the Park saw McFly, Busted, Girls Aloud, Liz from Atomic Kitten, Mark Owen, Blazin Squad, Javine, Mania, The 411, Deeper Blue, Phixx, Rachel Stevens, Goldie Lookin Chain, Natasisha Beddingfiled, Daniel Bedingfield, Blue, Bryan McFadden and Kylie Minogue as well.


I went to 2 comedy nights and saw Steve Gribbin, Andre Delion, Shaun Mao, John Maloney, Ricky Grovener and 3 others whose names escape me or were rubbish.


As previously mentioned I worked 74 Nightshifts I also worked 106 Day shifts and had 17 days of “other duties”, meaning I worked 197 days and had 168 days off – Not bad. Of these 197 days I was in charge of the train service 30 times. I went to BPM TV 12 Times.


I watched the following football matches:

Stevenage 2-2 Farnborough

Hitchin 1-0 St.Albans City

Sutton 4-2 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 4-5 Borehamwood

St.Albans City 1-3 Bedford

Kettering 2-0 St.Albans City

Braintree 2-4 St.Albans City

Northwood 3-4 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 1-1 Hornchurch

Bishops Stortford 2-2 St.Albans City

Maidenhead 4-2 St.Albans City

Kingstonian 1-2 St.Albans City

Hayes 1-0 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 0-0 Heybridge

Aylesbury 0-2 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 4-1 Canvey Island

Heybridge 3-4 St.Albans City

Bedford 4-5 St.Albans City

City Ledgend 4-4 Watford Old Boys

England 1-2 France

Sweden 5-0 Bulgaria

Worms 2-2 St.Albans City

Fisher 1-1 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 1-5 Barnet

St.Albans City 3-3 Charlton VI

Sutton 1-2 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 0-1 Hayes

Bishops Stortford 2-0 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 1-4 Cambridge Utd VI

Eastbourne 1-0 St.Albans City

Redbridge 2-1 St.Albans City

Maidenhead 3-3 St.Albans City

England 2-0 Wales

Bognor Regis 4-1 St.Albans City

Weston-Super-Mare 3-0 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 2-1 Basingstoke

St.Albans City 2-5 Grays

Hornchurch 1-1 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 2-3 Redbridge

Carshalton 1-3 St.Albans City

St.Albans City 0-0 Eastboune

Cambridge City 0-2 St.Albans City


I went to 42 games, 2 as a neutral, 2 as an England Supporter and 38 as a St.Albans Supporter

England Won 1 and lost 1 of the games I was at

I saw St.Albans win 11 times, draw 10 and lose 17 times.


I managed to escape 4 almost fights – Some bloke in O’Neills St.Albans who thought I called him something once, St.Albans City player Derek Brown after I referred to him as toilet on the internet message board, 20 estate kids outside Backpackers in Kings X after I laughed when one of them fell off a skateboard (the police we called to disperse them) and with several black geezers in Amsterdams red light district.


I was Ill 3 times and twisted my ankle once


I had 8 visits to hospital and one friend of mine became permanently brain damaged after a scuba diving accident and will die during 2005.


I had 3 midnight kick-a-bouts down the lakes with a football or a game of tennis


Apart from D+D and speeding and the like, I broke the law 4 times. I smashed two windows while drunk, a phone box in St.Albans and the Winter Gardens in Weston Super Mare, I also set off a fire alarm in a club and run from a taxi


I only saw members of my family 10 times (once each for my Mum and Dad)


I went to 3 Weddings and 1 Funeral


Some other "highlights"

I walked the Ridgeway Path from Tring

I Spotted a van that I thought was a suspect vehicle in a murder

I put two of my mates knobs on sale on e-bay

I brought a globe in an Oxfordshire village

I went Speed Dating

I passed a computer course

I went for 1 job interview and didn’t get it.

I asked big titted “celeb” Jordon why she didn’t call herself Botswana

I got hasseled by the cult Jesus Army

I did a live presenting stint at a exhibition for 2 days.

I visited 2 Cathedrals

I Laid on 4 Beaches

I visited a few parks

I slept for 2 nights on a overnight sleeper train and 1 in a airport lounge, 26 in Hotels/B+B’s, 5 on peoples floors and 2 in a tent (and several not at all)

I saw the Santos Populas Carnival

Some Germans took us joyriding

Went Scuba Diving Twice

2 of my best mates had babies, another 2 got married.

Had to sit in a hospital room while the doctors told parents that their daughter wasn’t going to live (the worst experience of the year)

I flooded a inter city train

Attended the recording of something for Radio 2 (Jimbob in Jammin)

Blew a load of money in a casino

Played Crazy Golf indoors at the British Mini Golf Xmas party

Went to the Purfleet Tavern to see live PDC Darts (Mason v Askew, Preistley v Sams and Jenkins v Evison)


And a lot more happened as well <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/rockon.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/rockon.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/rockon.gif" alt="" />

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Just checked the 29th and I was out which meant 1 more day in the total then. For your info, it was the day of the Carling Cup final, I was at work, you shagged one of your ex's the night before and I met up sober with you in the evening and you had a row with another one of your ex's, Beavers borrowed £150.

Usual Sunday night <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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They were alright, the place was rammed at 3.30 you couldn't move. I've decided that 90% of Aussie birds are well nice but only 10% of Aussie blokes, they are a bit annoying.

Was on the snakebite and blacks from 3.30 as well.

They had a digeree do player who wasn't very funny but a good player.

They played loads of Aussie songs which I didn't really know, I thought Crowded House were from New Zealand?

What else are you going to do on a Wednesday afternoon?

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