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Margate 2 - 0 Redbridge (FT)


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JK was absent for personal family reasons, I was told. I do hope that malicious rumours about him are not being put about, this happened also earlier in the season with Che, and I think people should be a bit cautious about posting such things. Imagine how hurtful if untrue, please try to be more supportive of the heart of our team.


The whole team played very well, despite many of them playing in a new position. Moses was magnificent, of course, but Greg looks really good again, both in defending and coming forward. Bill had a very good game, solid at the back, the midfield held together very well, Alexis was quite influential here. Rocky was well on form, controlling the ball well and slipping some excellent passes through, and doing some very good work with his head. Smith was his usual towering presence, Aaron had a good game, even made a fantastic forward run that caused CK, tongue in cheek, to call to him to calm down. Clarke had one of his best games this season, Che was ever busy as usual, but further back more to midfield than we see him normally. Peter Trego made a couple of huge saves, and kept a creditable clean sheet. Peter Benvenides was dancing around all over the place, still fluffs a few passes, but had a good game generally. Hats off to Nej too for warming the bench, even if not fully fit.

Saw Watson, Bouadji, Green and Gradley watching. Pat reckons he will be OK next week, Mark thinks he is about ready now.

It was a good, clean game, Redbridge were very sporting, which made it very enjoyable to watch, and the Ref was not half bad, which makes a change.

Clean sheet and an emphatic win, not a bad day's work.

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I do not know anything about the John Keister situation,but agree malicious comments and rumours about him must stop.I just hope the same rules apply to all the nasty comments about Sandy E which are doing the rounds in the town and amongst fans.

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