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Hope your all well


what time am i meeting you in swindon.

whos going.


and whos up for the best day of the year.


Its going to be good old EFM fun fun fun. Its been along time since weve all been on a good .... up on the train.


Has tom worked out wether were going to bump into any other firms yet. (might need to warn them)


Does Newport know that were coming yet.

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From Pete


Hi Thornsy,


Are you alright with 9:00 at the orfy? Pretty early,

but we need to get on the 10:45 at Paddington, which

gets us in at 13:30 (I know it seems late but it is

the right time, apparently). By the time we've bought

the booze and travelcards, it'll be pressing orn a

bit, so I reckon it's best to take no chances. Could

you spread the word?






PS - Because we have these 4 people tickets there can be no dropping out as all 4 need to travel together otherwise we can't use them

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