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This is taken from the Kingston Guardian Newspaper regards to the situation around Kingstonian.


The end is in sight for long suffering Kingstonian fans who have been campaigning to oust club chairman Rajesh Khosla.

Ryman League secretary Nick Robinson confirmed that Mr Khosla has been given until Friday, February 11, to sell the club to Ks fan Jimmy Cochrane or face suspension from the league.


The deadline was moved back from Monday, January 31, after representations from Cochrane's solicitors.

"The Ryman Football League yesterday (Tuesday, February 1) agreed an extension to the deadline of January 31given previously to Kingstonian Football Club to resolve their financial position," said Robinson.


"The request was made by solicitors acting for the party trying to buy the shares of the club. Both parties agreed that a deal has been agreed in principle and additional time has been given to enable the deal to be completed. The new deadline is now February 11."


Cochrane had a £50,000 bid for Kingstonian accepted back in June 2004, but negotiations faltered in September after Mr Khosla alleged Cochrane tried to lower the bid, following Ks early exit from the FA Cup.


It seemed the deal was dead in the water until the Football Association became involved in early December 2004, when Mr Khosla was summoned to a meeting at Soho Square to explain his position.


Last week, the Ryman League finally broke a media silence to announce that Kingstonian would be suspended if the club failed to pay £30,000 in tax arrears.


The threat seems to have worked and Cochrane, a life-long Ks fan, is delighted that he is finally going to realise his dream to become chairman of his local club.


He said: "I am very pleased, not just for myself, but for the hard-core supporters and people that run the club. It will be a great relief for them and give us an opportunity to salvage something from the season."

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I'll leave the politics to those closer to the action. They probably have a better idea what has really gone down over the last couple of years or so.


I must say though that this looks good news for the true fans of Kingstonian. As ever, they were the ones on the scene long before things went up the pictures and they are the ones that will continue to pick up the pieces when everyone else moves on.

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