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i have to say out of the three of us LAZ is miles ahead here..

you must now be at the stage where drunk people are beginning to digust rather than amuse you.. soon you will start using lines like 'your killing yourself slowly you know'.. plus the average day must feel about 3 times longer than it used too..

unfortunatly after 3 months of it you will stop feeling good and just feel normal.. and should any hangover occur after that a 6 pinter will write you off for 2 days..

lost any weight?

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lost any weight?

About a stone. I've got this pile of old jeans at home. They seem to have shrunk over the years, but I thought I'd keep them an see when I could fit into them again. I managed two pairs last night. They weren't 100% comfortable what with the blood flow stopping in my genitals, but I'm getting there.

Having said that the old Peruvian sherbert used to knock a few pounds off and I've stopped that for good!

Having said that, I've just had a huge pay rise today and I'm itching to celebrate by getting off my face!
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