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Just received this email.....

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from Victor Gladwish and wondered what you Townies make of it as it might affect you in the next 10 years!!!! 


It goes thus:

I note with great interest the NLP last Sunday front page news about the concerns of the 15 Step 5 winners needing to play each other (or maybe 14 with odd having a bye) to get into Step 4.


I have been saying this all season and I understood that I was going to be involved in the highest level of these discussions.


As it stands winning the league and not going up means there is no pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have always maintained that if the club wins the league and has the facilities / criteria then promotion must be automatic.


Now, that it is a bit late to say that all 15 go up and that 15 come down raises the question of which league has one less for relegation. Totally unfair situation here created by whom? why?


Thousands of pounds have spent by clubs, individuals, sponsors to promote their local clubs and the system / leagues / football associations owe it to the clubs to make the pyramid work in every aspect.


So what can we do to rectify the situation.


1. The fifteen must get promoted so OK lets say they move into step 4 as best as they can be regionalised.

2. It is no use saying that some of the 15 may not have the criteria and if that were so we have bigger problems with anyone being relegated so if the top team does not have the criteria the next down is offered the place. This gives people the nod to sort out for next season.

3. To even things up the best aggregated 2nd position of STEP 5 should also be promoted from whatever league they happen to be in. We now have 16 gone up.Maybe next year a 16th league is created in STEP 5?


4. So 16 need to come down. 4 from each STEP 4 league. Wow, I can hear the moans. Hello they are at the bottom of their leagues. Unfair. Ok how about 3 from each league and play next season with an extra team in each step 4 league and rectify it the season after or the clubs might enjoy the extra revenue the extra home game gives them.


5. Problem solved apart from those who are near the bottom of their leagues but we must look after the clubs who have been spending money in trying to go up from STEP 5.





Victor Gladwish


(These are my words below)

So with two guaranteed from the Isthmian (according to those who cocked-up slightly last season) what happens to the rest?



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His point 3 - he seems to have missed the fact that the idea is to get down from 15 to 8 Step 4 leagues - not increase it to 16.


Otherwise I agree, it's pretty much what I said on the thread about the extra Rymasn 2 place.


But nothing wil change unless all the Step 5 leagues and clubs howl with protest instead of meekly acepting it all - and probably not then.

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