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More Ethnics & Suicide


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canvey are so in support of equality that they dont even mention it.. seeing as they think people should be treated by their actions rather than their appearance they dont feel the need to even mention the subject..which is as it should be.. my son has a few mates who are coloured and he didnt even mention anything about it until after he had a 'race' awareness course at school.. the thought of someones colour being of any relevance hadnt even crossed his mind, its a generational thing.. his generation dont care or even notice.. well untill some do gooder decided to spend 2 hours of school time telling him that everyone had to treated the same despite them being different colours.. up untill then someone being a different colour had the same relevance as someone being a different height.. fking do gooders, just leave the kids alone to get on with it and stop ramming it down everyones throat

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We also play in Blue, so people in Iceland, Greenland and other such cold countries can feel solidarity with us ..... and eskimo's.


If too few ethnics commit suicide then obviously they have it far too good, which doesn't bode well for equality. In the deep South of America if a white man committed suicide they would kill a black man to even things up.

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