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So Sorry Tony


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Tony has decided that saying sorry might just regain some of his personal popularity and the intended programme is as follows

Day to day for a month (am) sorry to the 5,000 people per year who die in NHS hospitals due to the filth

Day to day for a month (pm)sorry to the pensioners deprived collectively of £5B per year he has taken from their pensions

Any suggestions for evening prayers??

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couple of good reads i nthe daily nazi today.. andrew alexander anda good letter on crime in the er.. letters page funnily enough.. some bloke did the leg work for the filth on 3 seperate occasions to catch an uninsured driver.. a atm card reader and a credit card thief.. despite getting the cctv pictures car reg numbers etc etc the filth did nothing.. 2 years after he got done for doing 38 in a 30 he got a 180 quid fine for having not changed the address on his dvla details.. 2 yrs of top work there cops

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I paid private for thirty years plus and never from 1955 to now have I missed a tax I was due to pay, I was unemployed for three weeks since 1955 and have never claimed for a single benifit in my life

Lets try to remember that parasites and objectors to anything private all have a pink hue, me! strictly blue

PS I worked on and in most of the major NHS hospitals in the London area plus Worthing and was senior site agent on Northwick Park Hospital when it was built, like I said I have earned the right to comment and pink or red simply does not work

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