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Burnham Lad

US idea on staff motivation.......

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Just come in on a US sales email - interesting - would it work over here? Or even over there?


"Announcing the new customizable YOU DID IT RIGHT Card for proactive behavior tracking & recognition!

You know the problem: You want to reward employees for positive behaviors that they demonstrate but you can't be everywhere at once.

Your middle managers may not be as consistent as you'd like in delivering on the spot recognition of the behaviors you want to reward.

You struggle with abuse and favoritism as employees complain they are overlooked by their manager who always rewards his fishing buddies.

Sound familiar?

If so, our new IVR You Did It Right Card is the CURE you've been looking for...it's simple, fast, and easy.

1. Your manager hands out a simple you did it right card to an employee and checks off the good behaviors identified.

Some Examples:

Safety-Lifting with the Legs, not the back. Wearing proper PPE.

Outstanding Performance--Teamwork, Leadership, Customer Service, Mentoring, etc.

Customer Service-Greeting customers by name, offering to assist them with a purchase

Quality-Submitting a suggestion to reduce scrap or cut costs

Wellness-Walking, Eating a healthy lunch, etc.

2. On each card is a place for the employee id number and supervisor id number.

3. Employees call the TOLL FREE number on the back of each card and in 30 seconds or less they enter their id number, the supervisor's number, and the behaviors they were recognized for. Doing this wins them chances at Dream Vacations and thousands of award prizes (all shipped to their home for you)

4. The system prevents favoritism & abuse on the part of managers and/or employees.

5. Monthly, you receive a report showing you who was graded outstanding and for what!

Total number of You DID It Right Awards made

Broken out by Manager, Department, and employee

Categorized by behavior types.

And we do ALL the work! Just hand out the cards and we do the rest -- Please call or email us for more details today."



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