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Thanet Football


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I am a Margate fan always have been, always will be.I also support all other local football and welcome Ramsgates elevation to a step higher.What I feel uneasy about is,what I consider to be an air of real superiotey and arrogance from certain Margates supporters about how much better we are than Ramsgate.True it could be the start of some real serious banter between the clubs supporters(Lets hope it is)But realisticly I do not think there is a lot to choose between the clubs.On the field there is only one division in it,It has been suggested JK and BE are past there best for us,fair enough ,but how do Margate replace them with this embargo in place!!Who indeed would want to come here? The knock on effect could be CK leaving.FACT!!! The ground is only going to be temporary,how long is temporary? Ramsgate have got the nucleus of a good squad,Sure they are going to have to sign more players,but like with the ground improvements they will cut their clothe accordingley etc,etc.As I say I am a Gate fan, but I honestley believe Ramsgates future looks more rosy than ours Knock them at your peril!!!!!!!!

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Tako v CHE. Che better FACT

Shulz v Edwards. Edwards better FACT

Ward v Kinnear. Kinnear's proved better FACT.

Where did Ward manage originally before Maidstone,Saints TSPL, Ramsgate = MARGATE RESERVES




Southwood v all new Hartsdown Park


Hp wins


Dead flat pitch with grass!

Higher floodlights that dont give you a migrane when watching or playing there ( id know )

Better bar FACT

Faster Food ( waited 20 minutes for a burger v Cray in the KSC quarter final.)

More covered stands even as a temporary fixture.

Better access to the ground not like the built up roads at Southwood. Parking at Ramsgate is a nightmare. If you ever get more than 150 at home fans you'll know what i mean!



And dont give me the good old at least we have a ground.



GAME OVER! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/attentat.gif" alt="" />

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Margate should always be the biggest club in East Kent let alone just Thanet. But in recent years Ramsgate have been catching up fast.

Next season at Southwood in a higher league with Dover etc i still dont think gates will come anwhere near as high as MFC at HP. but a few years ago Margate were getting gates 10x as high as Ramsgate next season it will only be 2 or 3X.


Credit where its due the Rams have done really well and MFC whatever way you look at it is still in a mess.

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they also blank the words [****!!****] [****!!****] [****!!****] [****!!****] etc etc

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