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Billericay Town Fantasy/Nightmare XI

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O.K, here's one for people to think about. Following the moderate success of my "Cult hero" post, lets have some suggestions for players to get into a Billericay Town Fantasy XI (4-4-2). What Ex and current Billericay players would you like to see out there, and also maybe what would be your worst Billericay players nightmare XI?

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In twenty plus years of supporting the club I've seen some of the very best and worst to pull on the sacred blue shirt..so here goes:


Best Team


1. Mark Tyler

2. Andy Skinner

3. Dominic Ludden

4. Grant Lodge

5. Shaun Gore

6. Dave Roser

7. Joe Baker

8. Paul Wilson

9. Steve Jones

10. Leon Gutzmore

11. Martin St. Hilare


Worst Team


1. Steve Wallduck

2. Tony Rose

3. Billy Gilbert

4. Dave Woolley

5. Steve Terry

6. Dean Woolfe

7. Steve Hibbert

8. Mark Brennan

9. Dave Matthews

10. Craig Simpson

11. Mike Doyle


Not many household names in that lot but all have been mentioned in my circle of friends over the years for either their outstanding ability or dillusions of adequacy!

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Yea good point i suppose, perhaps not the best central midfielder to have graced New Lodge over the past 10 seasons or so but one that sticks in my mind i suppose - perhaps it was the hair! Also remember him making a cameo performance between the sticks and keeping a torrent of attacks at bay to win us the game.


Any other suggestions for central midfielders - dean parrat perhaps?

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