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Shirt sponsorship


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Understandably and correctly, i read that MFC are looking for early cash flow in form of season tickets, shirt sponsorship etc.


It seems most are commited to help in whatever way possible.


Personally, i would probably go for shirt sponsorship, but this always seems to be impaired by CK keeping his cards 'very close to his chest' as described in another thread.


Sometimes such as last season that was inevitable, but hopefully their will be a few signed 'early doors'; and surely it would help if these could be announced asap; as most of us, want to be seen to be supporting our'favourite' player; but need to know if they are signed on.

OK one can lodge funds 'subject to 'someone signing but its not quite the same.


Equally, there is a feel good factor at the moment, so it would be good if this could be built on with player news-afterall-thats what most of us are here to enjoy.


In many respects, its better if names are 'drip fed ' as it keeps the player interest going longer.

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I must agree with michaelmichael each player that resigns or is signed needs to be published ASAP for sponsorship to come in. I still think that the club could ask for sponsorship of other kit i.e boots tracksuit shorts and socks. Something cheaper than the shirt may encourage individuals and children. A junior member might like the idea of his name in the programme if he sponsors a particular players socks for £5.00. Aldershot did it with even tie ups at £3.00. any money is good money

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