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Add AFC Wimbledon 5.00 Bet

Add Fisher Athletic 6.50 Bet

Add Braintree Tn 8.00 Bet

Add Billericay Town 8.00 Bet

Add Heybridge Swifts 13.00 Bet

Add Margate 17.00 Bet

Add Leyton 17.00 Bet

Add Staines Town 17.00 Bet

Add Chelmsford City 21.00 Bet

Add Hendon 21.00 Bet

Add Slough Town 26.00 Bet

Add Maldon Town 26.00 Bet

Add Hampton & Richmond 26.00 Bet

Add Worthing 26.00 Bet

Add Walton & Hersham 26.00 Bet

Add East Thurrock Utd 34.00 Bet

Add Redbridge 34.00 Bet

Add Bromley 34.00 Bet

Add Folkestone Invicta 34.00 Bet

Add Windsor & Eton 34.00 Bet

Add Harrow Borough 41.00 Bet

Add Wealdstone 51.00




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I'm looking for odds for them to go DOWN Rob. Not to WIN the league. Will let you know if and when I get those odds. We can all then weigh in! Oh sorry, you are a Rams man so that wont apply to you. See me and I will give you 22/1 on them winning the league(tax free).

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We wont go down! As i have said no team from the Kent League has ever gone up an straight back down an no it is not history in the making! Had a look at you pitch about half an hour ago an the grass looks very nice an Ray has done a good jon. BUT i do not feel the rest of the ground will be ready in time for August 20th. I do not want a big arguement but this is my opinion. The Club house end looks ready but the rest of the ground i feel does nto have a chance. Now it is up to you to prove me wrong

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I'm not expecting the bottom end and exterior parts of the ground to be spic-&-span. Work round there can continue into the season I think. Just so long as the parts of the ground that are being used pass certain safety procedures and the spectators have good views without any danger to them then I think things will be o.k. First things first and all that. Other work surely can continue later.

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