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Song for Optimistic

Burnham Lad

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Apparently Opti has been annoyed that as a major contributor to a successful STFC he has not got a song, so he has written his own:


(Tune, Macnamara's Band)


Oh, me name is Optimistic, I'm the leader of a band

Of the biggest moaning whingers you can find in all the the land,

Slough Town's been our target for every gripe and whine

As the team has never been any good since eighteen ninetynine




Oh we rant and rave at every save and at every shot there's jeers

This team will never be any good if they try for fifty years

We shout and scream and rubbish the team as only know-all's can

And here's the very best bit of all, you don't know who I am!


We'll slander the players and slander the fans and slander the manager too,

We'll slander the owner and all of the Board who don't know what to do,

We're the only true fans of STFC, it's obvious throughout the ground'

You can tell this is true as whatever you do, you won't get your two hundred pound...




Oh me name is Optimistic, I'm Slough Town's number one fan

And I know more about football than anyone else ever can

Like when I played for Swindon, that wonderful team in Red

The only problem that I ever found was the match was in me head!




He would welcome a few more motivational verses.....

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