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warning bad taste

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I'll second that Unc, he's a filthy gravesend arrogant scumbag anorak who thinks he winds people up when in fact all he does is make a ncut of himself. He used to call himself 'squarkident' and under that name plagued decent posters and abused them. He's a little man with a little dick from a little club. He also has no sense of propriety or decency as is obvious from his 'New Orleans' joke. Some joke.

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It is a fact that whilst some will find almost all such jokes in indefensibly bad taste, there is a well documented psychological view that people will often resolve complex emotional traumas through autotherapeutic reduction to humour.


Whilst I personally find some of those jokes following upon Pricess Di, 9-11, tsunami and so forth quite cringeworthy... I have also found myself amused sufficiently by others that I have passed them on !

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i hate people who winge about jokes following disasters. some of the finest jokes told are about people dyeing. whether it be 9-11, 7th July or New Orleans.


telling a joke shows that it is still in the thoughts of people, without harping on and winging about things. it doesn’t show disrespect for the dead or the survivors, infact it does the complete opposite.


if you are offended, then fair enough, but keep your opinions to yourself.


good joke.

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with the exception of genuine bigotry i have yet to find anything i find offensive and i honestly believe that ANY subject is fair game when it comes to comedy. now this may not be your taste and that is fine, but you cant pass judgement because other people find it funny.


The title of the thread was ‘warning bad taste’ people who opened it should have expected a joke that was in ‘bad taste’ you then can’t moan that you don’t like that kind of humour. Also the joke doesn’t actually contain anything that is offensive, it only uses a play on words emphasising the multiple use of words.

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