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Next Poster - now online for you to download & print


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[color:"blue"]Sorry for the delay, but due to work etc.could not get the poster approved until today.

You can download it from here & print your own. (Open in Word) Below is a sneak preview for you.




I have sent a copy to Taffy, who printed the last one, I won't tell you when they'll be available - I'll leave that for him.

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James, am printing posters now 50 of this one & 50 of another example sent by Peter with Margate FC badge in background which I think is even better. These will be in the cluhouse for anyone to pick up & distibute to local shops etc. So those of you who come on this site please take some & make sure the people of Thanet keep coming & giving their support



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Cheers for that. Will pick up one for my workplace.


Linking to this I dont think it would be a particularly bad idea to use the Thanet Life site to pubicise Margate FC at opportune times. They were only too happy to remind the readers that Margate were playing Maldon Town and lots of people (including Councillors) visit this site. Perhaps it might not be a bad time to do this now...before the Fisher game. I can send something forward. Perhaps MISA should send a message to them advertising Margate FC and the need for people to come to HDP to cheer on their local football team to victory.


Its an idea.

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