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Darren Watson

Graeme H

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from what i saw yesterday he dosen`t seem to have it in him anymore ,i know he had an injury but the passion of being a footballer is not there might be wrong just that he seems to me the vibes he is giving out . Lets hope im wrong we all no that he can play , come on Darren chin up chest out and give it a go get rid of the injurys get fit and score some goals .

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Tend to agree with above.

Pretty good summing up of yesterday.


Always rated Darren ,but instead of improving, seems to have gone backwards .


He has all the attributes and ability and i guess it puzzles CK as much as to why it just is not happening.

I think he is probably in 'last chance saloon',but really wish him well and hope he can find it within himself to be the star he could become.

I really believe he could be a success beyong Margate, but he's got to want to do it i guess.


Maybe he needs to look at Akpo.

Some similarities there, and look what he's doing now.

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For a sub to be substituted is pretty grim. Although a generous interpretation would be that it was a tactical switch to bolster the midfield with Worthing getting on top at that stage. I'm not sure any of us can speculate on his mental toughness when none of us really know him. However, there is no doubt his displays so far this season have been disapointing.

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In what week did 2 current Margate players take the field as subs. and get substituted themselves.


Last week-Darren on sat. and Bertie B the previous monday for Aldershot(in fairness in injury time and don't know the circumstances)

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