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youth set up


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Im a ramsgate fan, and im just looking on your site for information about your under 18s and under 16s aswell. I would like to know about the fixtures as i cant seem to find them. Also being local Id like to know about some of them as im sure to have coached a few of them. Id like to know how they are doing, like in the 1st team an thier age groups too. Many thanks

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So would we. Just have to give the club a little more time. They have only just managed to get the Youth section up on here. Its going to take a bit of time but I am sure soon we will know all we want to about that which you ask. In the meantime go to our youth section itself and make contact with those mentioned on there and I am sure you will get your answers.

We must strive to get more info on whats happening with the youth on a weekly basis put out for fans to see. Thanks for bringing the subject up.

We mustn't be allowed to forget the youth.Though this is new this year, it is a very important addition to our ranks.


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I would say, It's down to the youth teams to forward on the information of fixtures and results to the webmaster of the site.


Same appiles to Ramsgate.


It needs, somebody from the youth section collates all the results and reports from the matches and forwards them on to the media outlets such as Thanet Gazzette, Thanet Extra and BBC Junior Football website - who are only to please to use them.


What do you guys/girls think?

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