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Blur, the new era...

Chubbhead EFM

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So, Mr Coxons gone and it appears that Blur have now begun morphing into Gorillaz (ok maybe I'm exaggerating). Sorry to break from the running topic on the board but an important matter has arisen- the new Blur song is CR@P! Anyone else heard it? I've only heard it once on Xfm, but the best way I can describe it is recent Radiohead mixed with Gorillaz. Eddy-Temple-Morris descibed the difference between this and Gorillaz as being as small as a 'bead of sweat dripping from a fly's balls spread over the surface area of Australia' -bizarre! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/shotgun.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wavey.gif" alt="" />

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It was the one I thought of.


I would have been one of those truculant teenagers who was complaining about the "new fans" and saying it wasn't as good as Mile End.


In fact it wasn't as good as Mile End as the support of a half baked orchestra playing brit pop's greatest hits did not go down well.

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Ok, this is quite exhaustive, but hey, so what. Top 5 Blur albums, and then a Top 5 songs per each album...



Top 5 Blur Albums

1. Parklife (1994)

2. Blur (1997)

3. Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993)

4. Leisure (1991)

5. 13 (1999)



Top 5 songs from Leisure

1. She's So High

2. Sing

3. There's No Other Way

4. Wear Me Down

5. Birthday



Top 5 songs from Modern Life

1. For Tomorrow

2. Chemical World

3. Star Shaped

4. Villa Rosie

5. Colin Zeal (!!)



Top 5 songs from Parklife

1. Tracy Jacks

2. This Is A Low

3. Badhead

4. Trouble In The Message Centre

5. Jubilee



Top 5 songs from Great Escape

1. The Universal

2. He Thought Of Cars

3. Stereotypes

4. Best Days

5. It Could Be You



Top 5 songs from Blur

1. Beetlebum

2. You're So Great

3. Country Sad Ballad Man

4. On Your Own

5. Song 2



Top 5 songs from 13

1. Mellow Song

2. Coffee & TV

3. Caramel

4. 1992

5. Tender



Top 5 non-album songs

1. Popscene

2. Woodpecker Song

3. Inertia

4. I Know

5. Magpie

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At the time of the oasis/blur debate I probably thought oasis were better, but when you look at the whole picture you can see that oasis have done 1 excellent album and 1 OK album, whereas all of Blurs albums are excellent as far as I can see.


Having said that I think you are allowed to like both bands!


Oh and Gorillaz are fantastic.

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Blur won the war of the (both under-average) singles in August 1995.


Oasis went on to pulverise Blur with Morning Glory over The Great Eacape, and then doing Maine Road and Loch Lomond and Knebworth etc.


But since then, in retrospect, Blur are just loads better. For me they are the band of the nineties, they've developed from album to album, and have to be one of the most influential artists of the last ten years.


Oasis were huge in 1995/96, but they'll never reach those heights again. <img src="/forums/images/icons/frown.gif" alt="" />



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im sorry but this is all complete bollox... go out n buy the best of the WHO... sure oasis n co are good .. i particularly like oasis being a beatles fan, but as noel G. has freely admitted he has ripped the [****!!****] out of britains musical heritage there has been some good stuff over the years but lets not put it in the same ball park as

the police







this is all proper cutting edge 'brit pop' plus the other dozen or so ive missed out

blur gorillaz oasis please!!!!


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CANV has a bit of a point, not on the slade thing mind...


Neither Oasis or Blur stand up to The Kinks, The Stones or even The Smiths. But as it goes none of those acts are particularly easy to follow.


That's not to say that neither Blur or Oasis were great, they were not bettered when they hit their peak at the time. They just won't last as long in the memory as other bands.


I would say that anyway, as my preferred choice is Thom Yorke's lot.

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