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Best musicians of all time?


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Cynic - remind me never to come round to yours for an evening of listening to music. Those guitarists depress the f*ck out of me.


Sure, they're competant musicians, but that's about it (Hendrix aside).


I had to listen to my boss tell me the other day that Mark Knopfler is the best guitarist ever. BULLSHIT. He's an extremely competant guitarist but best?? There's nothing innovative about him at all.


The two that spring to mind (in recent years, mind you) are Johnny Marr and Graham Coxon. And I don't want to hear any of that John Squire crap.


John Squire is in the same category as Knopfler and Clapton. Introvertly competant, but nothing substantial about them.


I'm in a [****!!****] bad mood today.

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