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The Moon


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Anyone been?


Went there. Plotted up for a while in the Sea of Tranquility, no **** about 4 of us - 2 in the ship and me and another of ours Armo (top lad safe as houses) went for a stroll. At this point no OB about so we try the Clangers on the blower


All they give us is a load of excuses in that high pitched 'ing voice of theirs


"We aint got the numbers" etc etc


Then what happens - f'ing Soup Dragon all over us, we had to do one lively. Even left me golf clubs there and i'd have leathered them long nosed ***** if they'd shown.


Oh well.


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i went, it was many moons ago now.

i didnt rate it much.. the atmosphere was pants..

anyway there was a bit of a dance on,

so a few of the boys went to check it out..

no sooner had they bounced out of sight

when i get dusted by a mob from the dark side (and i aint talking vader).. these guys hadn't seen the light of

day for a good few millenium

well i launched into em but i was eclipsed by the sheer numbers...

i had no choice but to apollo gise and i 'buzz'ed off sharpish

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