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Southend Manor 0-1aet Billericay

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In case anybody forgot, we had a game today.... Wasn't the greatest, think the players had their minds on results elsewhere. Manor had a great chance early on headed against the bar, after half time we got on top and Forbes shot over when he should have scored. Extra time started with many Blues fans in the bar waiting for the scores to come in from elsewhere... Macca headed in a Collins corner and that was that.




Henty Macca Ryan Axcell

Hodges Simmons Forbes Collins

Elder Flack



Game for Hodges

Colton for Ryan

SNU: English, Howard, Millard


Impressed with Sean Axcell (one of the under 18s), got forward well from left back and put some good balls into the box.

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I do not think i have been to a Town game where i was more interseted in texts/tv and word of mouth. But back to the game and (from what i saw) <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/alk.gif" alt="" /> i think a little credit to Manor. It was their final and no disrespect intended, they battled and worked us hard, same would apply to us if we were playing (eg) QPR. I missed maccas goal, and we did create our fair share of chances. But as Simon said - think minds were elsewhere. Anyway, we are in our second final in one season.....To me that spells progess ! Well done Blues <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />

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