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Outdoor Essentials From www.buy.at/wefc


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[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1129" alt="Outdoors Edition" height="227" width="600" border="0[/image]
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 Outdoor Essentials…

With the start of April, we’ve seen weather that’s sunnier than the past few months. This being the case, you’ll want a few things for the great outdoors, or a short break if you’re taking one. Make sure that www.buy.at/wefc is your first choice for anything you need.

Remember, all purchases raise funds for: Windsor & Eton FC.

This Issue:

[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1130" align="right" border="0[/image]


With the sunshine, what better way to enjoy your Easter break than curled up on sun lounger with a great book?

Abebooks are renowned as the world’s best source of rare and out of print books, collating together the stocks of 13,000 bookshops with 80 million individual items listed at any one time! With that kind of reach, you will be able to find those books you’ve been hunting for years – even ‘Fly Fishing’ by J.R. Hartley!

Even better, all purchases from abebooks.co.uk will earn Windsor & Eton FC 5% of the purchase price.


[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1131" alt="flowers" border="0" align="right[/image] With better weather now heading this way, it’s definitely time to help you enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Play has just what you need whatever your interest:

  • [*]Stay in touch with the classic Motorola RAZR V3 on T-Mobile Pre Pay for only £99.99 – a saving of £50![*]Grab the Creative Zen Vision Black 30Gb to enjoy a movie on the move, or whilst at a barbecue, reduced to £289.99, a saving of £80.[*]Why not enjoy the latest fright-fest from Stephen King as an Audio CD? Cell is available now for £15.99 delivered.

Everything from Play.com comes with free delivery, and gives 2% commission on all purchases.



[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1132" alt="Cord trousers" width="104" height="50" border="0" align="right[/image]


Taking a short trip for Easter? If you need to hire a car for the journey Hertz has a variety of options to suit you:

  • [*]Choose from 7,000 locations. [*]Be chauffeur driven if you prefer. [*]Cars available include everything from the family MPV all the way to the soft topped convertible.

Hertz gives 5% commission on all purchases to Windsor & Eton FC.

Field and Trek

[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1133" alt="Sin City DVD" width="102" height="166" border="0" align="right[/image]If you’re an outdoor enthusiast in a serious way, you needn’t look any further. Field and Trek will cater for exactly what you need:

  • [*]This Lowe Alpine Walkabout Air 45 backpack, amazing space and comfortable carrying for £59.99. [*]The Stormlite Weekend 200 tent is now only £31.99. [*]The North Face King Conquer T-shirt is bound to be a favourite for lazy days, now £19.99.

Field & Trek offers 6% commission.


[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1134" width="93" height="138" border="0" align="right[/image]Sport-e has a fab range of the latest looks for Spring:

  • [*]Adidas forest hills leisure shoes from only £49. [*]The cool Adidas three-quarter pants are popular at £29. [*]These Nike womens woven pants are great for the outdoors, only £14, giving a saving of 56%.

Sport-e offers 8% commission on all purchases.

[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1104" align="right" alt="buy.at[/image]All these offers and much more are available at www.buy.at/wefc. Remember, Windsor & Eton FC benefits from all purchases.

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Purchases made through www.buy.at/wefc

All purchases are made according to the information and terms provided by the company making the sale to you, and are subject to change without notice. Further details on using the buy.at shop are provided on the site.

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