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Save our saints treacle!<p>gitakapoor1.jpg

It better not be Shamilla for the saints!<p>arthurfowler2.jpg

I'll do time in order to save our saints. PS if we do have to join a new leauge then I suggest the Inter-made-up Soap Divison 1 so we can play Walford Town and AFC Elderado<p>melaniehealy1.jpg

I will sleep with the judge if it'll help!<p>katslater1.jpg

I'll sleep with the judge anyway!<p>nickcotton1.jpg

I Love my ma and the saints!<p>philmitchell1.jpg

Oi! Leave it out! Keep the saints alive or I'll f****** kill ya!<p>drlegg1.jpg

Come and see me during Surgery I have just the thing, a huge wad of cash go on it's yours and have some morphine while we're at it!

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