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best excuse

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One on NOT skiving off work....


Many years ago, I was working in the Personnel Department of a factory in Willesden.


The Security guys rang me from the gate in the early afternoon, to say that three police officers had arrived and wanted to speak to us about interviewing a member of staff. They came down to the office and asked if a particular guy was in work. I asked them what it was about and they were quite cagey, but said they must see him. Anyway I checked and the guy had clocked on for the afternoon shift on time. We got his supervisor to bring him to the office where the Police officers arrested him for murdering his wife, during the lunch break.


I could not believe that somebody could clock off, do that and then turn up for work in the afternoon, clocking in on time as if nothing had happened. Apparently he stabbed her in the street, where he was seen, but ran off, cleaned himself up and came back to work.



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