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Plea for help from Canvey fans


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Can you guys help us on our website, Grays and Bedford fans keep slagging us (Purfleet) off and at the same time are slagging Canvey off, they are saying that we are not proper teams with no history. As the two of us are good sides who play good standard football I thought we you might like to know what they are sayying about you

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At least they are slagging us off somewhere else. We used to get all that crap posted on our discussion board - our own fans stopped posting.


We found the best way of getting rid of the empty headed brigade was first to ignore them but then, when that didn't work, we turned to religion. We thanked them for telling us where we had gone wrong and asked God to bless them, while we remembered them in our prayers. I was all ready to email copies of The Watch Tower to John Crawshaw - repeatedly. Luckily, he got fed up of 'the love of Jesus' being wished upon him and pissed off.


Whatever you do, don't try to retaliate. You only add fuel to the fire and there are more of them than you.


Hope that's helpful.


BTW The main problem you have that we didn't - all the cruel and thoroughly nasty things said about Purfleet are true ;-)

(Remember the advice - don't retaliate)

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I've read all the [****!!****] posted by Bedford & Grays fans on the Purfleet board and although they deny it, it is blatant jealousy. The posts explain themselves, "How can a team like your's be so high up in the League" etc.


Take Merv's advice and you should do okay, but just don't expect 4 points off us next season! We're not that generous anymore!!!


Matt CIFC <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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