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Article #25 - DAC Sponsor Wembley Football Club

25 September 2006


Besides being a Dial-a-Cab driver, Lee Pearce (J71 is the goalkeeper for Combined Counties football team Wembley FC. He recently approached DaC Chairman Brian Rice to see whether the Society could help Wembley out by supplying some of the fleece tops that we had given drivers for Christmas. Lee told Brian that the team looked strange when they came out all wearing different tracksuit tops!


Brian - being a keen football fan - dug up enough tops for the first team squad and told Call Sign about it. We called Lee hoping to arrange for a photo of the squad with our tops on, but after speaking to him, we were so impressed with the team that this mag decided to use the money we had previously spent on DaC telephonist shooting champion Donna Merry to supply a new kit for Wembley FC with Dial-a-Cab emblazoned across the front! Before spending a penny, Call Sign was invited down to Wembley FC by club Chairman Brian Gunn to watch their FA Cup Extra Preliminary round against Thame United. We knew that this game would create some publicity due to it being Wembley and the controversy over the completion or otherwise of the club's rather more famous neighbouring ground - Wembley Stadium! So the Editor, together with Board member Allan Evans and photographer Alan Green, went to watch the match on Friday 18 August. We stuck some DaC banners up around the ground just in case - and sure enough, there on the following days Football Focus on BBC1 was a report of the match together with plenty of DaC banner shots. In addition, they also appeared on the Sky Sports News channel ever hour for a day!


And not only that, because it was the first match of the 2006 FA Cup, there on parade was the cup itself - securely protected by two rather large gentleman who when asked by the Ed whether he could pick the cup up, replied only if they could then pick him up! Wembley FC comfortably won the game itself with 3 well-taken goals scored by Jumo Mitchell, Steve Augustine and Paul Shelton.


DaC's Lee Pearce told Call Sign: "Thame United were one league above us, but you'd never have guessed that. We played very well and could even have scored more goals but perhaps eased up after our third. Even Football Focus called our first goal outstanding!" Sadly, Redbridge Green (formerly Ford United) knocked Wembley out at the second stage but all the publicity had gone to Wembley in that first match! However, the team are doing well in the league and hoping to claim a place in the Ryman league next season. Once there, the Conference comes into sight and that is but one step away from the Football League! So come along DaC Wembley. Onwards and upwards!

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