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1) Why did it take so long for Byron to get on? He sits on the wing whereas Gilkes and Spencer drift in all the time and therefore we have no width. Byron must start.


2) Why are Metcalfe and Wilko playing together in central midfield? Thye are basically clones of each other (ie both defensive midfielders) One of them has to play with either Spencer or Williams in the middle.


3) Why do we not start playing away from home until five minutes before half-time?


4) Why did we miss so many sitters yesterday?


The only plus side is that our next games:


25/01 --- Slough Town - - - Oxford City

28/01 --- Slough Town - - - Hertford Town

01/02 --- Wivenhoe Town - - - Slough Town

04/02 --- Slough Town - - - Thame United

08/02 --- Slough Town - - - Arlesey Town

15/02 --- Barton Rovers - - - Slough Town

22/02 --- Slough Town - - - Barking & East Ham Utd

01/03 --- Hertford Town - - - Slough Town

08/03 --- Slough Town - - - Aveley


Are all winable as we are away to some sides we should win against and at home against better sides, but we have a good home record, so here's hoping.


Oh yeah and just to add we miss Veli big time :-(


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Yes and they beat Northwood 2 - nil !!!


Football is a funny old game....


Get the players to ignore and play.....


<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />

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