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Gift Ideas For Grandparents From www.buy.at/wefc


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» More great offers at buy.at/wefc


[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1864" align="right[/image]

When buying gifts this Christmas please remember to use our webshop and we’ll receive a contribution from every purchase.



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This week we’ve highlighted

Christmas gift ideas for Grandparents.


Magnetic Sudoku


from Field and Trek


Fairtrade Christmas Hamper £35.00

from Ethical Superstore


Christmas bouquets from £26.00

at Teleflorist


Men’s Dressing Gown £19.00

from Additions Direct


Men’s Mule Slippers £13.00

from M&S


Gents Sweater


from LX Direct


Women’s Velour

Pump Slippers

£10 from M&S


Sorbet Women's High Neck Robe £25.00

from Additions Direct


Silk Cotton

Cardigan £59.00

from John Lewis


Every purchase counts so don’t forget to forward this on to your friends and family.

[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1904" align="right[/image]Grandparents and Grandchildren

– the delights of being a grandparent

This heart-warming book by Camille Liscinsky celebrates the delights of being a grandparent.  It’s a treasure trove for any grandparent, in this book, grandparents share their reminiscences of their favourite role in life.

Available from Blackwells for £6.99

Buy it now and Windsor & Eton FC will receive 6.4% of what you spend.

[image]http://www.perfiliate.com/newsletters/newsletterimage.php?ID=1905" align="right[/image]I Love Toffee Hamper

Grandparents will love this irresistible toffee hamper containing:

  • [*]Original Toffi Chocs

[*]Banana Toffee

[*]Mint Toffee

[*]Fruit & Nut Toffee

[*]Original Toffee

[*]Toffee Tin

[*]Assorted Toffee

[*]Toffee Choccie Bites

[*]Milk Chocolate

[*]Country Caramels

[*]Plus a Thornton’s toffee bar

All of this is presented in a stylish hamper box.

Buy it now for £25.00 and Windsor & Eton FC will receive 10% of what you spend!

Spend £25 at BuyCosmetics and get a free £25 gift

Find after shave, perfume and gifts sets from Buy Cosmetics and you’ll receive a free gift when you spend £25 or more.

Windsor & Eton FC will receive 3%-10% of what you spend too!


Visit www.buy.at/wefc and help us fundraise this Christmas, every purchase results in a donation for Windsor & Eton FC.



Forward this mail on to help Windsor & Eton FC raise funds. Please forward this mail on if you think that you know people who would like to receive it.

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Purchases made through www.buy.at/wefcAll purchases are made according to the information and terms provided by the company making the sale to you. Further details on using the buy.at shop are provided on the site.

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